6 Ways To Choose The Right Lighing For Your Office

Many Singaporeans spend most of their time working. This is usually in an office that has to be as comfortable and accommodating as possible. It has to be the right environment to make sure the person who stays there is effective and efficient. One of the key ways to make the office a more comfortable place for work is by the type of lighting you want for the office. A beautiful and well lit room will always be a motivating factor to stay in and work.

6 Ways To Choose Right Lighting For Office

Light amount

When choosing lighting for office, make sure that the light is just the right amount. It should not be too little or too much. A dull room can even make you sleep and feel down hence you are not able to work well. The eyes could strain and result to having a headache. Too much light also is not good as the eyes may strain to adjust and can result to a headache. It may appear overwhelming. Natural lighting and changing the lighting system are the solutions to poor or over lighting in a room.

Consult the experts

The best way to ensure that you get the lighting for office is by contracting experts in Singapore to do it. Explain to them how you want, and let them design and deliver it. Allow them to fix everything and then see how it turns out. If there are adjustments that need to be done, let them do it. The best part of dealing with experts is they can offer you relevant advice on the best way to light up your office.

Light designs

There are different lighting design and styles that the clients choose from in Singapore. The best dealers to go to are those who have been in the business for long. They are well established to provide a wide variety. When you are lighting your office, use energy saving bulbs to reduce the electricity consumption. Bright walls reduce the need to have too many bulbs so this is definitely a must have.

Light positioning

Some of the places where the lights can be positioned are on the ceiling, floor and on the walls. Depending on the type of office, then choose the best light position. There may be the need to have more than one due to the things done at different parts of the office. For example a study table can have a light on the wall close to where the books are placed. Other types of office lighting lamps are desk lamps, reading floor lamps, display lamps and suspension lamps. All these when used appropriately can be very effective in making an office a good working environment.

Lighting the office sections

There are many parts that make up an office. These include the reception, corridor, private offices, open offices and so on. All these should be lit differently because of the activities that go on there. An ordinary person cannot know how to do this not unless the experts skills are used. Always keep in mind that no place should be over lit because it has negative effects on the eyes. Also,m it should be done in such a way that shadows and glares are minimized or not there all together.

The laws

There are certain regulations in Singapore that must be followed when doing the lighting for office. These are laws that have been put in place by the Singapore government. The standard lighting shall be according to the right level of illumination. In addition to this, the intensity of the illumination should be at the right level. If it is an architectural office where drawing is the order of the day, then about twenty lumens for each square foot will be the right choice.

These the government has put in place to cater for the needs of the employees who may have a problem with the way lighting has been done and cannot do anything about it. Every employer should make sure this is done by the experts he hires to light up the office.

In conclusion, correct office lighting is vital for any office in Singapore. Lighting can both motivate you to work or dampen your mood and be unable to work all together. Consult experts on this matter and follow their advice as they know which lighting for office is best for which office. But above all, make sure you are happy about it as it is you working there.

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