Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting

Are you looking to install new lighting for a new commercial location you have got recently or are you looking to replace old lightings with new ones? Well, look no further as we introduce to you a lighting solution which you will find pretty useful.

So what is the type of lighting solution do we have in stored for you? Introducing the LED Lighting! It is actually an abbreviated name which stands for Light Emitting Diode Lighting. Constructed using many tiny sized LEDs to radiate light with the same concept as a normal fluorescent lighting tube would do. But here is the difference in technology, LEDs require less power in terms of wattage to display the same intensity of light in terms of lumens as compared to incandescent or fluorescent lightings.

LEDs lighting hold many other features which are advantageous as compared to incandescent or fluorescent lightings such as higher efficiency where heat losses emitted are lower, high durability where it is resistant to bumping if the event of handling, lifespan is higher in event of constant on and off situation, lights up immediately upon switching it on.

What is really amazing about this product is the reduction of electricity bills! As it is directly related to its low power consumption with its performance guaranteed. And how is its performance guaranteed you might wonder? In fact, LEDs Lighting are capable of emitting more light through less consumption of electrical energy and this light intensity is defined or measured in lumens.

In terms of maintenance, LEDs Lighting provides a solution of longer lifespan in the average of 50,000 hours of usage which is a decisive indicator for less maintenance in a year as compared to incandescent or fluorescent lightings.
If you are running a business, LEDs lightings also provide a unique advantage where carbon reduction is achievable. How is this advantageous you may ask?

Well, in the world today we live in; global warming is a large issue where carbon footprints are measured upon countries. With this feature that LEDs Lightings can provide in the long run to help reduce our earth’s carbon emissions is absolutely an advantage worth consider having!

How safe is LEDs Lightings? Considering first of all that fluorescent lighting contains mercury, LEDs Lighting does not contain this element. Mercury is a toxic element which is hazardous to your health and the environment.
A tip to note when sourcing for lighting solutions is to not only consider light intensity which is measured in lumens but to also consider Illuminance. Illuminance is the other element which the amount of light that can be seen by the human eye in an area, this proves useful. For an example, a lighting solution which has high illuminance feature will enable a person or many people in a room where they can read easily without their eyes having to squint.
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