September 6, 2020

Changing of LED Light Frequently Asked Question

Changing of LED Light Frequently Asked Question – If you have any issues or doubts, these Frequently Asked Questions may provide the right answer. If […]
August 16, 2020

Lighting Trends for Home 2020

Lighting Trends for Home 2020 – There is no doubt that lighting trends in homes are always on the move and they can never be […]
July 3, 2020

How to Clean Your Cove Lighting

Wondering how to clean your cove lighting? Cove lighting has gain popularity in the last few years in Singapore. Light is a choice of many […]
December 15, 2019

What Are The Benefits of LED Lighting At Home

You will never have to worry if you come across many types of lighting and for this there are many options for the same. There […]
December 15, 2019

Ideal Lighting for the Different Rooms of the House in Singapore

Anyone in Singapore wants to have a cozy, gorgeous home to return to after a hard day’s work. People spend money to decorate their homes […]
December 15, 2019

Lighting For Office

Lighting is a vital part of every office design. Just like the office layout, the proper lighting system can have a huge impact on the […]
December 15, 2019

7 Lighting Interior Trends in 2019

When people think about the factors that affect the look of a room, they only focus on furniture and paint. In doing so, they overlook […]
December 15, 2019

Various Types of Lighting and How to Use

Light has the power to transform the temperament and ambiance of a room. Apart from providing illumination for vision, light can invite visitors, persuade shoppers […]
December 15, 2019

Types and Benefits of Lighting

Lighting is one of the key elements a house needs. Lights make a space more inviting, look bigger, and more dramatic. A beautiful room without […]
December 15, 2019

Different Types of Lighting You Need in Your Home

There is no doubt that lighting plays a major and big role in each and every home. The lighting technology has improved dramatically over the […]
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