Ideal Lighting for the Different Rooms of the House in Singapore

Anyone in Singapore wants to have a cozy, gorgeous home to return to after a hard day’s work. People spend money to decorate their homes to fit their taste and mirror their personality. The lighting of each room also plays an important part in creating the kind of ambiance that a particular room should retain.

Lighting Home

Choosing the most ideal lighting for a particular room may turn out to be a laborious endeavor when there's no proper guidance. When choosing the most ideal lighting for a certain room, the following should be taken into consideration:

- The style that the room should adopt
- The type of room (bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.)
- The dominant color of the room
- The room size
- The number and style of furniture pieces as well as their placement

1. Lighting for the Living Room

The living room is a place where people in a household usually gather together. The family members usually discuss things that happened to them in a day. They also gather in the living room if there are important matters that they need to tackle. It is also where everyone spends quality time together and takes time to relax while in the company of loved ones. The living room can have two types of lighting – well-illuminated and dim lights.

The living room may be the brightest in the house during the day when the sun is up – regardless if the artificial lighting is on or not. The living room is the next best place to get some papers or documents done when there’s no home office. For lively discussions of family members that gather during the night, a well-illuminated living room is the most ideal place to conduct the meeting. It is the most frequented room in the house.

When trying to relax, the dim lights can be switched on instead of the bright lights. Multiple dim lights can be installed in every corner of the living room. A beautiful lamp can also be the source of dim light while it provides added beauty to the room.

2. Lighting for the Dining Area

It is ideal to have a general illumination in the dining area. The warm, white light in the dining area is just right for a family sharing a meal. A homeowner should consider using a pendant light to illuminate the table as well as the food being served. The brilliance of the source of light should depend on:

- Required function
- Features of the space that it will illuminate
- Kind of lighting fixture
- Size and shape

The lighting above the table should be able to bring out the true color of the dishes and make them more appetizing.

3. Relaxing Bedroom Light

The ideal bedroom is one with proper illumination and with soothing, warm, and soft lights. The bedroom should have a relaxing and calming atmosphere that will practically lull anyone to sleep as soon as he/she steps in. The dim lighting of the bedroom can help create such an atmosphere.

A combination of reading and wall lights, as well as overhead lighting, can make it easy for someone to do the activities that he/she must accomplish or do within his/her private space. The bedroom should be the darkest room in the house as its main purpose is to provide a good place to relax and sleep.

4. Kitchen and Bathroom Light

The lights in the kitchen and bathroom must be functional as well as decorative. The kitchen must have sufficient light to make food preparation easy and fast. It is also more convenient and easier to see whether the ingredients are fresh or should be replaced with something better. There may be a need to install different sources of light to eliminate the shadows.

Lighting Home

When deciding for the ideal lights for the elongated kitchen, a glare-free fluorescent light may prove to be the most ideal choice. The halogen bulbs above the bathroom mirror may bring out a warm, cozy effect. The bathroom does not need to be brightly lit, unless the one using it may be having some difficulties dealing with a dimly lit room. To some, the bathroom serves as a place where one can enjoy a moment of peace and tranquil existence.

The lighting of the house not only serves a certain function, but it also helps bring out the exquisiteness of each room.
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