Pros And Cons Of Cove Lighting

Cove lighting has found significant popularity in recent times particularly in countries such as Singapore. Numerous individuals are applying this form of lighting to decorate their residential homes. But what is Cove lighting and what are its pros and cons?

Cove Lighting

Cove lighting also referred to as ambient luminescence is a form of lighting where light is directed towards the ceiling from one side or more in order to diffuse illumination. This type of lighting is mainly common in recesses, high on walls, ledges and ceiling valences. It is an indoor form of lighting which derives its popularity from the fact that it not only hides the fixture but also generates a dramatic effect. In this technique, the light can be directed in two ways either towards the ceiling or down where a subsequent wall washing effect is generated.

Cove lighting applications can generally be found in both commercial and residential provisions. In respect to a residential setting, the cove lighting is normally used in the kitchens above the cabinets. Cove fixtures are generally hidden and as such, their most distinguishing aspect is precisely how they are able to project light both in ceilings and onto walls. There is varied array of cove lighting and they are all designed to produce different effects to the user.

Types of Cove lighting
· Rope Cove Lighting:

In respect to cost, this lighting option is the cheapest and also the easiest to install. Nonetheless, in comparison to other cove lighting fixtures, this is the least bright and as such should not be used as a primary source.

· Fluorescent Cove Lighting:

This form of cove lighting uses the T5 fluorescent tubes. This type is a very energy efficient setting.

· Linear Cove Lighting:

This type of setting is a low voltage system which generates a desired beautiful effect where installed. Linear cove can as well be dimmed.

· LED Cove Lighting:

LED is the costliest type of cove lighting; nonetheless, they required little electricity and as such can be used for long time periods without replacement.

· Ceiling Cove:

This is a bright type of cove lighting which is generally installed under a trim or lip on a wall. Their bright light makes them a good primary light source; they also produce direct shinning to a ceiling area.

· Wall Cove Lighting:

This type is normally installed under a trim or wall lip and is normally directed downward to shine on walls. They are an accent form of lighting particularly since their significant brightness would be hard on eyes.

Cove Lighting

Pros And Cons Of Cove Lighting:

This type of lighting carries with it numerous benefits. Nonetheless, similar to many other products in the market, it also has a number of disadvantages associated with its use. In this article, a comprehensive list of both the pros and cons of cove lighting are outlined and expounded on.


There are numerous benefits a user can get by installing Cove lighting in their house. Below are some of the pros associated with Cove lighting installation:

· It Is Ideal For Decorating:

As earlier stated, cove lighting is particularly popular because of ability to generate dramatic effects, a quality ideal for decorations. The fact that cove lighting is hidden means that one cannot clearly see the light. Moreover, use of cove lighting ensures that you can produce indirect lighting not only to the ceiling but also to adjacent walls. Many interior designers prefer to use cove lighting because it can enhance the genera appearance of a house.

· One Can Lessen Warmness Generated By Cove Light

Installation of cove lighting is normally done behind the ceiling or the walls. As such, the warmness generated by the cove light can be significantly lessened which is another pro associated with this form of lighting. With the use of cove lighting, concerns about increasing the room temperature become a worry of the past.

· Cove Lighting Allows The Use Of A Dimming Controller:

As earlier mentioned, cove lighting be carried out through the use of a dimming controller which can either be a digital one or an analog one. The use of a dimming controller with the cove lighting simply means that you can effectively control light. Dimming controller allows you to adjust (dim) light in a house in respect to your preferences and purposes. As such, the use of cove lighting is ideal for any individual who wants to save energy in their home.

· Cove Lighting Is Energy-Efficient:

In a cove lighting system, the use of LED bulbs makes the source of lighting energy efficient and convenient

Cove Lighting

Cons Of Cove Lighting:

Despite cove lighting having numerous advantages, it is also associated with a number of disadvantages to its use.

· Complex Installation Process:

One of the major disadvantages of installing cove lighting is its intricate installation process. The installation process of cove lighting may mandate high technique and skill. As such, if you want to install the cove lighting, you must engage professional electrical experts who not only have the know-how to install but are also accredited with proper installation. If you want to enjoy the proper benefits associated with cove lighting, it is therefore important to consult with accredited professionals to ensure proper installation. Moreover, for the lighting to produce the desired mood effect, the lighting needs to be done in proper and specific locations.

· It May Require Supplementary Lighting:

In the event of task work, the cove lighting may not be bright enough and may require supplementary lighting to produce the required brightness for the individual using it. One such example is the rope cove fixture which is best used as accent source.

There is a whole lot of information available relating to Cove lighting system. For anyone with an artistic personality and would want to impose it in their homes, Cove lighting offers the best solution. Cove lighting system provides a dramatic overall effect in a room that is both interesting and appealing. Nonetheless, for you to enjoy the pros (benefits) of cove lighting, you must ensure among other factors that the installation has been properly done and by professional.

Moreover, prior to purchasing a cove lighting setting, you should carefully research on the various types of cove lighting settings and read reviews to identify the best fixture that will correctly suit your needs and preferences and give you the benefits cited above.
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