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Wondering why more Singaporeans are switching to LED lighting? Today, many people prefer to use LED lights because they are extremely energy efficient. Introduction of LED lights into the market has revolutionized energy efficient lighting. An LED light bulb or lamp is a small solid state lamp which uses LEDs or light emitting diodes as the source of light. The futurity of household lighting will soon be the adoption and use LED light bulbs and lamps. Today LED lighting has clearly aced in the field of energy efficient lighting system for all applications. The number of LED light users is increasing every day.

Its popularity is wide spreading day by day. The list of benefits of LED lights is endless. They are energy efficient, durable, cost effective and more. LED light the latest up gradation in the lighting technology as it offers a great substitute in replacing standard lights and halogens. Now we will discussing the benefits and vantages of using LED lights over other standard lights. These are the reasons why more people are using LED lights today.


1) Long Lasting:
One of the biggest advantages of using LED lights is its long life. This life span is much more as compared to a normal bulb whose life span is from 750 hours to 2000 hours. This can cut the maintenance cost up to a great extent as the LED light lasts 8 to 10 times longer than a normal bulb or halogen.

2) Energy Efficient:
LED light extremely energy efficient.  This analysis clearly shows that halogens waste a lot of electricity. The LED light turns up 85% of electricity light and hence the lights are much cooler and don’t heat up the place. LED light produces only 3.5 btu’s/hr which are very low if we compare it to 85 btu’s/hr produced by incandescent bulbs. From this it is clear to LEDs lights are much cooler than standard bulbs and halogens. Also, as LEDs prevent heat build-up, thus it also decreases the air conditioning cost.

3) Cost Effective and eco friendly:
LED light initially costly, but the cost is slowly recouped over battery savings. The cost of LED lights is going down day by day and is expected to decrease more over the coming years. Also the LEDs are environment friendly. LED light mercury free. A LED rated 13W emits about 68% less carbon dioxide than a standard 40 W bulb running 10 hours per day.

Other vantages of LED are they are compact in size. They are easy to use as they don’t get heated up and are cool to touch.

After discussing all the benefits of LED lights it is very clear why more people are using LED lights at their homes. LEDs have made a significant benchmark in the field of lighting industry.

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