Why Choose Chandeliers?

Chandeliers are the favourite props of superheroes and villains in action movies. A typical fight scene takes place in a grand ballroom and the villain swoops across the room clinging tightly onto the chandelier to escape from the superhero. At the end of the fight scene, the majestic chandelier is lying shattered on the ground and that seems like such a waste of an expensive prop. However, chandeliers do not just belong in the movies, museums or the homes of the wealthy. We want to introduce you to other different types of affordable chandeliers and hopefully, you will decide to up the classiness of your home with one.

By definition, a chandelier is simply a hanging light with branches for bulbs or candles. The most common chandelier known is the glass or crystal chandelier – the huge sparkling umbrella of lights that hangs in the lobby of a fancy hotel or in a ballroom. Did you know that glass chandeliers can come in different sizes and designs? You can even choose the colour of your glass! Glass chandeliers are the perfect lighting piece for the dining room or living room of your home. The sparkle of lights that flicker endlessly will make dinner a tasteful affair for all.

The beaded chandelier is another type of chandelier that is often found in grand places. Like the glass chandelier, there are smaller versions that can be used to tastefully decorate a cosy home. One can choose from different types of coloured beads and artistic homeowners can even customize their own beaded chandelier. Light that passes through the beads in the chandelier also comes out sparkling and adds a warm dancing glow to any home.
For homes with a garden porch or have an outdoor theme, the homeowners can consider tiffany chandeliers. Tiffany chandeliers are made from colour-stained glass and follow nature inspired themes. There are flower, fruit, and leaf and bird designs for the tiffany chandelier. The beautiful design of the tiffany chandelier instantly brightens up any room and adds colourful character.

The glass, crystal, beaded and tiffany chandeliers are some of the more popular chandelier designs but the list is not exhaustive. One can also choose from brass, Victorian and drum chandeliers. Today, chandeliers come in varying sizes and designs and with some effort; it is possible to find the suitable one for your home which is easy-going on your pocket as well. Before getting a chandelier, it is important to also do more research because different types of chandeliers have different cleaning methods. For example, glass chandeliers can be wiped with just a wet cloth but brass chandeliers need to be polished regularly. With all that has been said, we hope you are excited to get a chandelier to jazz up your home today!

Get Classy with Chandeliers

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