LED Lights

What is the meaning of L.E.D? It means Light Emitting Diode. Diodes are a light source that will conduct electricity in only one particular direction.

In the past, L.E.Ds only project one colour of light that was unsuitable for commercial buildings, residential and shop houses. With the modern advance technologies, L.E.D lighting is available in all different visible frequencies and colours such as white, green, blue and amber making it possible to be used in all areas. L.E.D can be installed into traditional bulb; they are more effective and efficient as compared to other bulbs such as Compact fluorescent light

What are the few benefits of installing L.E.D light?

L.E.D bulbs are solid and it does not have a filament, therefore they are able to hold up with damages. L.E.D bulbs are durable, thus replacement of bulbs is not required regularly.

Unlike compact fluorescent light & incandescent light, mercury is used in manufacturing. L.E.D bulbs are mercury-free.

Many people had the wrong conception that installing L.E.D might lead to high cost maintenance. This may not be true; the main disadvantage is that the initial cost of installing L.E.D is quite expensive. L.E.D light is energy efficient and in the long run, the cost can be recouped. In the recent years, the cost of is continuing going down and L.E.D became rather affordable.

L.E.D prevents heat from building up, it operates at a very cool temperature therefore it does not require air conditioning. This will help to reduce the cost of air conditioning.

No, L.E.D does not emit ultra-violet light which can cause skin cancer and they do not attract any flies or bugs. This will help to keep areas clean and easy to maintain.

Table comparing L.E.D & Compact fluorescent light.

So many different models of L.E.D lights in the market today, which to choose and how to choose?

Few tips when purchasing L.E.D lights:
1. Know what is your require desired brightness level.
2. Know what type of quality you are looking for.
3. DO NOT buy cheap bulbs from any website as there is no warranty. They might use a low-quality chip.
4. Always look for approval bulbs such as Energy star.
5. Seek help from a professional lighting company to answer all your enquiries.

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