Service We Provide: Access Top Notch Lighting Products And Critical Electrical Services

Many individuals tend to think that lighting is only useful in brightening up dark areas of a building or perhaps offering sufficient illumination to the same during the evening. Well, this is to some extent true. However, these products can also go a long way in greatly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room they are fitted in. Be it in a residential or commercial building.

Nowadays lighting comes in a wide variety of designs, patterns, sizes and even colours. From which you can conveniently pick the one that matches your needs and preferences.

Despite of this fact, not all of these products are ideal for the exact usage you may be considering. To begin with, unfortunately there are still substandard lighting that consume a lot of energy, and some which cannot last for long.

To this end, it is highly recommended that only settle for those which have the energy star certification, which our firm prides itself in making available to our clients.

Conventional incandescent bulbs are noted for utilizing a high amount of energy to function. To make things worse, around 90% of this electrical energy is usually dissipated as heat, which can only drive up your energy bills.

A much better choice that we offer would be the halogen incandescent bulbs that feature a capsule within them, which holds the gas that surrounds the filament.

This innovative design greatly enhances the energy efficiency of this kind of lighting in ways that were hitherto deemed impossible. Additionally, these products are made available in diverse shapes, colours, and sizes, and are seamlessly compatible with dimmers.

On the other hand, you want to try out our range of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) that are simply a curled variety of the long tube fluorescent bulbs.

This type of lighting makes use of a significantly lesser amount of energy than the traditional incandescent bulbs. Which certainly means they can pay themselves off in just a few months , before you can begin realizing major savings for your energy bills.

It is also important to add that the energy star certified CFLs utilize a paltry ¼ of energy and can last up to ten times longer than the traditional incandescent alternatives.

You can also settle for our light emitting diode, LED lighting that are noted for projecting a wide range of visible light frequencies and diverse colour spectrums.

In essence, these products are a sort of solid state type of lighting , which makes use of semiconductors to transform electric energy to light. Currently LED lighting happens to be the most energy efficient variety of these products that are available in the market. Most especially the energy star certified kinds that utilize only from 20% to 25% of energy.

These products are also known to be extremely durable, and they can last for at least 25 times longer than the conventional incandescent bulbs. While outlasting the halogen incandescent types by up to 8 times longer. Generally their lifecycle lies in the range of 100,000 hours with constant utilization.

LED lighting is also noted for been very eco-friendly as their makeup does not include toxic chemicals like mercury. Their various components can also recycled , which facilitates the decreasing of their carbon footprint .

This kind of lighting is also known to produce almost zero UV emissions and a similar amount of infrared light.

Their various components are crafted from extremely robust materials that can effortlessly withstand exposure to extreme conditions. This includes been shock resistant, vibration resistance and even resistance to external impact. All of these properties makes these products are an especially excellent option for outdoor lighting systems where they are exposed to the elements such as rain or even high winds.

Finally, these products can be seamlessly powered by low voltage energy sources. Which puts them in an excellent position to be connected to a solar energy source, and therefore making them the ideal solution in remote or rural regions.

On the flipside, you can opt for our line of ceiling fan varieties that are noted for not only conserving energy, but also offering a beautiful lighting solution. These products offer appropriate cooling, style and exquisite lighting in the exact rooms they are fitted.

You can choose between the built-in lights fans or have one of our professional install a light kit on your existing fan. This can provide a breathtaking layered lighting effect that will quite simply enhances the aesthetic appeal of our home or commercial building.

Not to mention the significant savings you can realize on your energy expenses, which can run into up to 40%, when compared to other lighting solutions.

On a parting shot, going to great lengths in investing in a top notch lighting products can be a sheer waste of your resources and time. Most particularly if you do not take time to integrate an ideal electrical service for your home or office block.

Like virtually anyone would readily appreciate electricity energy is known to carry some very dangerous risks that can arise when least expected. Hence, it is highly advisable to incorporate some level of foresight when it comes to such pertinent issues and try to avoid the risk of these hazards occurring.

This usually calls for your enlisting the services of a competent technician or even a firm that deals with electrical service and installations. Be it for general maintenance as well as troubleshooting whenever things go astray.

As we speak there happen to be quite a large of number of companies that ply this kind of trade in Singapore. Nevertheless, our firm has accrues a lot of experience and expertise in dealing with the issues earlier listed. Thus by taking the necessary time and resources to contact us, you can be able to rest easy on this score.

Some of the vital electrical service you can conveniently access from us include the changing of main circuit breakers, solution and for electrical faults and power trappings. We can also get your building professionally rewired if you wish to conduct such projects. Install instant water heaters, telephone points or doorbell points. And lastly cover any kind of electrical engineering or electrical extension installations.

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