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A perfect lighting can accentuate the whole interior of your location regardless commercial or residential building. Most of us take lighting for granted, as it is normal to see it everywhere. The only main benefit that strikes people’s mind would be to be able to see in dark places or night time. That is absolutely wrong! Benefits of lighting are also a way to enhance and improve the interior ambience of your location.
There are a variety of designs, patterns and types of lighting at different pricing. One should not rush when selecting & purchasing their lighting. Lightings are able to create different ambiences and brighten up your location. Lighting Singapore always bring in and update the latest design, patterns and types to keep pace with our client’s demands and expectations.
LED lights
Light Emitting Diode (LED) can project all different visible frequencies and colours. It is more effective and efficient as compared to other bulbs such as Compact fluorescent light (CFL).

Benefits of L.E.D:
Cost effective
No toxic substances
Heat emitted
Ceiling Fan
As our finite natural resources are limited, energy prices are increasing. We are trying to conserve energy to save our environment. It not only saves our environment, it also helps you to save money by installing ceiling fan. Ceiling fans will start immediately and move the air around as soon as you switched on; it is cooling as hot air rises and cold air sinks. Ceiling fan is a simplest way to beautify your location yet saving cost and environment.
Electrical Service
Electrical Services is always essential to make sure residential or commercial building does not have any electrical problems, this will maintain a safe environment for everyone.
A few main electrical services we provide:
1. Change of main circuit breakers
2. Electrical faulty
3. Power tripping
4. Re-wiring
5. Troubleshooting
6. Instant heater installation
7. Telephone point
8. Doorbell point
9. Electrical engineering work
10. Electrical extension

Ceiling Lights
Technically, ceiling light is a source that provides lighting from the ceiling. Ceiling light has a wide range of fixtures that include lighting such as focal point or lighting designed to lighten the entire room. There are a lot of possibilities places of install ceiling lighting; it varies from bathroom, bedroom, hallway and kitchen. Look around you, the chances of seeing a ceiling light of one kind or another is too common.
Lighting Singapore prides ourselves in our workmanship and we guarantee to try all ways to meet your requirement. We will quote professionally and make sure to get your problems and locations fixed. Our team of professionals will be deployed to assist all our clients. With us around, you definitely can have a ‘peace of mind’ knowing that we are reliable taking care of all your requirements. Once we receive your call, we will arrange the next available timeslot for a FREE on-site quotation.
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