6 Mistakes To Avoid On Lighting Installation

Lighting plays an indispensable role in accentuating the beauty of any interior space. Proper lighting is every human need as it creates a safe, secure, feel good and enjoyable environment. Good lighting is extremely important as it adds value, reduces costs and enhances ones performance efficiency. Generally the importance of good lighting is overlooked but it is true that it can make a lot of difference in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. However getting the right type of lighting fixtures can be an overwhelming and intimidating task. Hence it is best to hire a reputable and reliable lighting contractor in Singapore who can guide you in the selection and installation of lighting fixtures.

6 Mistakes To Avoid On Lighting Installation

Common mistakes encountered in installing lights in homes may result in waste of energy and lack of proper lighting in places where it is needed the most. The following is a list of six common mistakes to be avoided on lighting installation:

1. Failure to install ambient, accent and task lights: Ambient lighting provides an area of work with overall illumination. They are generally used in pathways, deck, patios and landscapes. Accent lights are used to illuminate or emphasize certain focal points in a home decor. Whereas task lighting provides illumination and promotes greater vision of your work space or task area. A combination of all these types of lighting assures greater functionality, adequate lighting and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

2. Installation of recessed downlights in many areas: These lights are very cost effective in nature and people install them in the grid assuming that they will provide good illumination everywhere. However in reality the optics of these lights permit only half the lumen output to escape. This results in total wastage of watts and still living in a space that is as dark as a cave. Remember these types of lights do not provide the needed illumination and the aesthetic appeal to your living spaces.

3. Failure to implement light sources without dimming ability: For ensuring maximum efficiency and flexibility it is crucial that we consider that the light source can be controlled separately by implementing multiple switches. This considerably decreases the consumption of energy, the heat output and the longevity of the lights. One should also bear in mind that each type of light should be controlled separately.

4. Use of decorative lighting fixtures: Investing in lighting sources that merely assures an aesthetic appeal is not advisable as it results in waste of energy and less light output. One should look for its performance efficiency, light output, functionality and longevity. Hence it is best to hire a professional lighting contractor in Singapore who has the ability to specify beautiful yet functional lights sources. Yes, they will help you transform your living spaces efficiently and cost-effectively.

5. Selection of dark colored paints for your interiors without adjusting the lighting system: Though it is evident that choosing dark shades for rooms can create an intimate and cozy atmosphere they absorb light and result in more energy consumption. Implementing high light reflectance value finishes for walls can reflect light as far as possible and assure significant energy savings. However if you have to illuminate dark spaces go for additional lights and higher wattage bulbs.

6. Incorporating recessed lights in high ceilings: This only results in lots of wasted light and a dull, dark space. In order to ensure a focused beam of light you need to incorporate a ceramic metal halide or high wattage halogen bulbs. Moreover installation of recessed lights in the ceilings requires punching of lots of holes to fit them. Hence it is better to opt for wall mounted or pendant light sources than recessed ceiling lights for high ceilings.


Remember the lighting system is considered as both an art and science. Well planned and well placed lighting fixtures can help to highlight the best features of your home. Yes, lighting is regarded as an important component of home d├ęcor. They illuminate our treasured possessions, affects our mood, performance and overall mental health. Hence the lighting fixtures that we select should provide an evenly balanced light and optimal versatility for different purposes. By avoiding the six most common mistakes of lighting installation you can set the tone and create a balanced atmosphere.

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