6 Tips On Selecting Office Lighting

Although most people don’t appreciate the value of having quality lighting at their office, but having quality light in the office is actually very important. A good lighting is not only one that can enable you see clearly but that also compliments the design of the office space. The lighting of your offices should purely depend on the type activity that you are doing in it. For instance, if your office is going to be used to do work that involves a lot of writing or reading, then you need to ensure that it is properly lit to prevent you and your team members form straining. On the other hand if you actually don’t do too much work at your office, then you probably don’t need to install very bright lighting system. So are you wondering what factors should you consider when choosing a lighting system of your office? If you are, then you are in the right place because in this article we are going to give you 6 important tips that you need to consider.

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1. Brightness of the light

When installing your office lighting system, the first thing that you need to consider is the brightness of the light. You must ensure that the light is neither too bright nor to dull. This is because, when the office light is too dull you will easily fall sleep or be lazy meaning that you will not be able to work efficiently. On the other hand, if the light is too bright you will stain too much and sometimes it can even cause headaches or eye related problems. It is therefore very important to always ensure that the brightness of the light in your offices is optimal meaning that it should neither be too high nor dull.

2. Consider your office space

The general layout of lighting system in your office should be as per the size of the office. This means that if the office is large, then you should consider installing more lighting units so as to ensure that all areas of the office are well lit. If the office is pretty small, then you should only install small lighting system.

3. Consider the laws

There are certain laws and regulation that must be followed when installing lighting system in the office. These laws are usually put in place by the government and the main aim is to ensure that safety of the people working in that particular office is guaranteed. Such laws requires you to always adhere to certain standard of illumination in the office and light intensity should also be at the right level. You should therefore ensure that you comply will all laws regarding office lighting. This will not only keep your out of trouble but will also ensure that all employees working in that particular office are safe.

4. Positioning of the light

Light can be positioned at ceiling, walls or even on floor. Depending on your office type and its function, ensure that you choose the right position when installing the lighting system. Make sure that the lighting is well positioned so that all the employees working in that particular office are actually able to see clearly when doing their tasks. You can also position the lights in different part of the office differently depending on that tasks performed in each part. For instance, in a study table, you can actually place the light close to the wall where the books are placed so as to improve the visibility of the area.

5. The lighting design

There are very many different amazing lighting designs available in the market today. It is very important to know that not all design will blend well with your office layout. It is therefore very important to always ensure that you choose a design that will not only lit the whole office well but one that also add flavour or complement the design of the office.

6. Wiring of the office

You should ensure that the office wiring is well done to avoid instances of wires hang from ceiling thus giving untidy look. All wiring should be perfectly done to not only complement the look of the office but to also prevent any accidents from happening. The wiring should also be done by an expert so as to avoid any instance of short-circuiting which may create unconducive working environment.

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