Selecting Lighting For Your New Home
Lighting for Home

A successful home lighting is made up of several different elements. Lighting is often taken for granted, it is basically one of the things we do not pay attention when it is in excellent working condition. But when lighting starts to affect us when it is unable to work, we will notice it immediately. Many of us tend to spend a lot of time renovating and decorating the look of our homes. One of the easiest way is to install and alter the mood is to carefully choose your lighting as it brings out the ambience of your homes. We believe that home is our only comfort place and we would like to it to be comfortable and inviting. The right lighting will bring attention to the desired area.

Before you decide to change or install new lighting, you got a few basic questions to ask yourself.
• What is the area of your space?
• Dark areas in your home that require extra lighting?
• Any children or elderly?
• How high is your ceiling?
• Energy efficiency?
• Decorating theme?

If you have children or elderly at home and are unable to reach for the switch. You may want to opt for motion sensors. As it only operates by detecting motion of any human’s movement, and switch off when it detects no movement over a period of time.

Here are some lighting layout tips:

• Bedroom – It is advisable to install softer lighting, you may want to opt for dimmable ceiling light or chandelier.

• Bathroom – You may or may not require different lighting depending on your theme such as task lighting for above mirror to apply makeup and standard overhead lighting for shower.

• Kitchen – Standard task light is recommended for kitchen so that you will not injure yourself during preparation of meals.

• Living hall areas – There will be different types of lighting, basically three types: overhead, gentle mood and dimmable lightings.

Before you decide to purchase and install, the final step is to find a professional lighting company to assist you as they are able to advice you. It is advisable not to install on your own as installing electricity can be dangerous which may cause fire or electrocution.

Lighting Singapore is here upon your request! We strive to meet our client’s requirement and pride ourselves in our workmanship. Book a FREE on-site quotation with us today! Our consultant will advise professionally and will provide you with recommendations for different types of lighting and going through all details with you. We will deploy our professional in-house technicians and take care of your installation. With us around, your home is in the good hands of ours.

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