What Type Of Lighting Is Best For Office Use?

The office space is a major consideration in determining how well people perform at work. The design of the office is crucial to determining workers output and how efficient they go about their work. The government of Singapore have published guidelines that specifies what is the required standard of office space, lighting, water ,plumbing and hygiene. All these is geared towards ensuring that the productivity of employees is not compromised in the pursuit of organizational goals and profit making. The best type of light for office use must be such that takes into consideration the proper man,equipment and work equilibrium. This is to ensure that there is a a balance between these three factors in every work environment.

What Type Of Lighting Is Best For Office Use?


Design Requirements

1. Colour of Lighting

The office is designed to make people fulfill tasks that justify the reason for their employment. The singaporean CIE guidelines requires that office settings should be well lighted with clear white flourescent source that does not introduce converging spectrum to worker 's sight. It also specifies that no light glare is allowed in the office space rather glares are limited to work sites where the workers must be covered in protective clothing.


2.Lighting Position

The best position for indirect or direct light is for it to hang from the ceiling where it becomes possible for its rays to illuminate the immediate space it is situated. In this way, its beam will not be directly on any specific spot or individual. Fears over minute radiation effects is also avoided when the light hangs from a distance. This illustrates the fact too that lighting on tables and workspaces are limited to project venues and places where installation is on-going.


3.Daytime lighting

The lighting codes also specify that proper illumination is needed during the daytime and reliance is not to be placed on sun rays or daylight as the primary source of lighting. Ergonomic standards here works to prevent any one from sight strains and improper light source while at work. People get employed to make a living and not to become endangered by poor work safety rules. This guides against visual impairment and sight dimunition at the workplace.


 4. Use of supplemental Light

Where supplemental lights are needed to documents or paper view, the standard CIE procedure requires that 

-low glare and asymmetric lenses should be in use.

- Adjustable light source should be installed to make it possible to rotate focus and reduce intensity when not needed during work sessions, presentations or display.

5. Color of Lighting

The code of lighting also precribes that the same color of lighting tunes must be in use at the office. This is to ensure vision uniformity both in space and eqipment. Flickering lights are barred from the office space as it affects concentration and makes the eyes to adjust its iris repeatedly to the discomfort and impairment of the eye.

6.Equipment lighting

Appropriate lighting must be ensured in devices and equipment used in the office. Too much light will result in excessive glare making the screen of your computer to have washed out looks portraying an imbalance in contrast . This can impair sight and is to be avoided as it ups the risk of reading and writing errors.

Other Safety Practices

1.Window blinds

Window blinds and drapes are also needed to be in place at the office to avoid the direct rays of the sun from falling on the computer screen and similar devices. The unprotected rays have the effect of washing out and duplicating images for the user. 

2, Work space color optimization

The work space should be planned and designed in such a way as to make the best use of light bounce and consistent eye adjustment for light source.


Floor Covering

Every floor covering at the office must be such that have low reflecting capacity. Dark backgrounds give the office some balance making them the best option for those considering the best what type of lighting is best for the office.

Furniture and Technology


Items of furniture must be picked on the basis of a reflecting capacity that is at a low range. In this wise,office technology appliances are best at a color base of low reflectance range and should be neutral in their effect on the balance of office lighting.

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