7 Lighting Interior Trends in 2019

When people think about the factors that affect the look of a room, they only focus on furniture and paint. In doing so, they overlook a crucial factor: Lighting. Lighting can definitely make or break a room. The way you light your home is a critical part of redecorating. A small change in lighting can transform how the room is viewed. Without the right interior lighting, then our rooms will lose the ambiance. There are many lighting interior trends that are currently in the market today. Many people are investing in these lighting to not only light their rooms but also to beautify.


If you are looking forward to making better lighting in your home or office, then it will be a nice idea to consider the best options available. How do you know the best trends? We have done extensive research on the best lighting trends that are relevant for not only this year but also for many years to come.

Lighting interior trends in 2019

1. The soft Gold lighting fixture

Soft colors are becoming more popular nowadays. People are using colors like greige and grey. Soft Gold definitely falls under that category and works well for contemporary decors. It also falls in the middle of brushed gold and silver. It uses these two hues for the soft matte finish and brings the mellowness and warmth and gold. This also implies that it can perfectly blend in any type of decoration.

2. Gorgeous geometry

Symmetry and patterns are amazing in the human eye therefore, geometric lighting fixtures have become increasingly popular. Dramatic angles make unique patterns that bounce in the whole room and include visual flair to any space. The latest avenue of geometric fixtures is the modular light fixture that enables for customization depending on the specific moods and requirements. Before you select any decorative thing for your room, be sure to consider the space, understand the type of pattern you have, and consider the colors.

3. Vintage Edison

Vintage Edison-style bulbs are a retro lighting trend for 2019. People are in love with their nostalgic design. The bulbs are cone rounded and are ideal for areas like kitchen and living area. The good thing is that you can get Edison-style bulbs in LED modern lighting. If you want the one that will consume less power and last longer, then you can choose the LRD variation. In case you are looking for an authentic retro experience, then there are many cheap incandescent Edison bulbs available in the market.

4. Intriguing Industrial

This is the current lighting trend that is expected to remain at the top in the next year. Industrial lighting has been doing very well and it does not show any sign of becoming irrelevant anytime soon. The basic thing that makes it popular is the style and shape. The industrial style appeals to the needs to recycle or reuse simply because retrofitting can be done on authentic industrial fixtures with newer and more effective technology.

5. Less Clutter, Cleaner lines

Modern decoration depends on clean forms. No matter the modern kitchen, couch, or lighting, excessive ornamentation will definitely lead to losing favor. Modern homes require modern fixtures and that is why people are using cleaner and simpler lighting fixtures that fit well among the modern decors. These trends will become more popular as other low-profile designs enter the market. These designs focus on neutral soft colors, simple geometric designs and prominence of form rather than expensive aesthetics.

6. Lustrous LEDs

LED lights are increasingly popular especially with advanced technology that enables brighter lights, small with multiple varieties of color temperatures. If you want stylish lighting for your living room and kitchen, then consider Lustrous LEDs which are durable and saves you a fair chunk.


7. Mixed Materials

Nowadays, human innovation is applying better and newer methods of combining materials and blending them into stylish and decorative pieces. Mixed fixtures use materials like metal and wood, glass and metal, glass, etc. Mixed Fixtures utilizes more than one materials are ideal for our interior decoration.


If you want to transform your lighting interior design, it is fundamental to consider any of the above-mentioned trends. They are all awesome in the kitchen, living room, and also in your office.
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