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Lighting is a vital part of every office design. Just like the office layout, the proper lighting system can have a huge impact on the office users, making the working environment conducive and safe. Now, office lighting is not just screwing light tubes on the ceiling. You need to consider various factors such as uniformity, lux level (adequate brightness) flickering issues, color temperatures, and other factors. You should know that lighting can affect everything. Most people only pay attention to their home lighting and overlook the lighting designs in their offices.

Lighting Office

Proper office lighting tends to improve employees productivity as well as their safety. Good lighting design will help to achieve a good workplace environment and make a great impression towards your clients. So, here are various ways you can use to improve the lighting system in your office.

Use LED lighting

Most people have been using fluorescent tubes for their offices and home lighting. They are cheap to purchase and easy to install and can light large spaces. However, fluorescent are associated with common problems such as flickering and become dim as they age. Therefore, this means that their light quality is inconsistent and combined with other problems such as buzzing makes them not ideal choices for office lighting.

LED lighting is a great alternative to fluorescent bulbs. Although most people regard LEDs as expensive, in the long run, they are very cost effective. LEDs are more energy efficient than most other forms of lighting, such as fluorescent and HID lamps. They are environmentally friendly since they don’t contain chemicals such as mercury found in fluorescent. You can fit LED panels on suspended ceilings. They help to eliminate glare, making the room comfortable and cozy.

Consider natural lighting

Natural light is the best option that can make your office look brighter and welcoming. Essentially, natural lighting should be the main option, while the artificial lighting for improving the light sufficiency. Natural lighting helps people to connect with outside nature, enabling them to work comfortably. Employees working under natural lighting tends to be more productive and more refreshed than those exposed to artificial lighting.
To achieve perfect natural lighting, ensure the building has sufficient windows. Your room should have large and many windows. If it’s possible, every wall should have a large window. Natural light will significantly cut the energy cost. The more the natural light, the less the artificial light needed in the office, hence, lowering the cost of production.

Lighting for specific areas

Proper lighting can create a perfect impression and improve your brand value. Now, in case you are using an open office, you may consider installing lights that will illuminate different zones in the office. Hence, this will help to optimize the working space and improve office design and functionality. Some of the common specialized lighting include;


You can install sport lights on the corridor to direct people to different areas within the office building.

Over-sized pendant

You hung the pendant above a big table such as a meeting place, or a get-together.

Low lighting

Low lighting is used in places such as booth to show the impression of privacy.

In some other areas, you can consider installing standing lamps, dimmer switches, and tabletop lamps. Such lighting gives people control over the lighting to do what they want with the area.

Lighting Office

Consider lighting control systems

Lighting control systems help to save energy by regulating lighting in different parts of the office. For example, most areas in the office are not constantly used, such as toilets, corridors, and board rooms. Now, lighting system ensures that such places are lit only when they are being used. So, when the lights are not needed, they switch off the light to save energy. Lighting control system adds flexibility in modern offices. They utilize energy efficiently, making them a good choice of office design.

Improving office lighting is a brilliant office remodeling idea that will improve its functionality and design. If you want to make your office impressive and cozy for all users, then you have to ensure that it has proper lighting. Lighting is
not just about installing light systems. You must ensure the brightness level is sufficient, there is light uniformity, and the lighting is energy effective.
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