Difference Between Pendant & Chandelier Light
Well, firstly we will introduce the ever beauty induced design of the Chandelier. Its design was originated through the use of candles perched on candle light holders with exquisite craving workmanship and also attached with themed ornaments for seasonal occasions.

However, in modern day, the Chandelier has electrical lighting features with crystal or glass ornaments as light amplifiers used to display light throughout a large room or of similar settings. Its main mode of installation is being suspended in the air below the ceiling by the use of a junction box to withstand the weight of the Chandelier.

Next, is the Pendant Light, a close relative of the Chandelier! Designed with a one piece lighting bulb most often, however there are also some designs with multiple lights connected in a chain or row. All these arrangements are available to suit the taste and desires of the individual home decorator!

Its mode of installation is similar to the Chandelier, which suspends below the ceiling through the use of chains or electrical cords. Weight wise, it is much lighter as compared to the Chandelier. There are many designs of the Pendant Light to choose from, for an example the types where it is designed with a ball shaped shade cover for a much comfy feel to the room it may bring.

Both the pendant and chandelier Light is very different in terms of home decor settings. Why do we say this? It is due to the functionality of these two lighting options which sets them apart.

The Chandelier has a large build in terms of its construction and next would be its design where its crystals and other special ornaments which screams elegance. Most suitable settings it could be installed would often be at a dining area or a main hall where guests are entertained for parties or gatherings.

The Pendant Light however is also modern and exquisite in its designs. With a simple chain pendant lights installed in a dining area or living room, it can be the highlight of the entire decorations of the environment. Available in many colours and designs, a home decorator is able to mix and match accordingly to the settings. Alternatively, it can also be used to providing lighting solution to confined area such as a dining table and side skirts of a room to the emphasize the importance of the area.

With the qualities of both products, both the pendant and chandelier Light can be installed with a dimmer to control the light intensity for different occasions! All these attributes of the products will help you decide which lighting solutions best suit your decorations in either home or similar environments.
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